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Compact Personal Aerosol Samplers and Monitors for Workplace Dust and Air Quality Measurement


Arosa Instruments Ltd has licensed personal sampler technology from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and the University of Hertfordshire to develop a revolutionary compact personal sampler and real time aerosol (dust) monitor for workplace exposure assessments and air quality studies.

Using Dstl’s patented low flow impedance sampling technology, the CPAS personal sampler combines a sampling head, sample cartridge and airflow management system within an integrated package which is both light weight and convenient to wear. In the CPAM personal monitor, this capability is extended by the addition of a real-time aerosol measurement sensor to allow a temporal record of respirable dust mass concentration (four measurements including PM2.5) over periods up to 8 hours.

Both CPAS and CPAM instruments may be mounted within an individual’s breathing zone, on a lapel or lanyard, without the need for a separate waste mounted pump or connection tube.

Arosa Instruments Compact Personal Aerosol Sampler

Benefits of CPAS and CPAM

1. Workplace: Occupational Hygiene personal aerosol and dust sampling

The CPAS personal sampler allows Inhalable dust to be monitored over an 8 hour shift, according to HSE’s standard MDSH 14/4. CPAS provides a convenient light weight (86g) alternative to the standard IOM sampler and avoids that sampler’s ‘catch’ hazard of associated tubing connecting the breathing zone mounted air inlet – and separate waist mounted pump and battery.

2. Workplace: Unique real time capability integrated with compliance sampling

As a revolutionary extension to the capability of samplers, the CPAM version of the instrument includes a real time aerosol sensor which gives instantaneous information on respirable dust levels as well as taking samples according to MDSH 14/4. The sensor can provide instant indication of hotspots of dust exposure (indicated by flashing LEDS) and provide a download of the recorded profile of dust exposure during a worker’s day.

Arosa Instruments CPAM Graph

3. Air quality personal monitoring

The CPAM can also be used as personal air quality monitor and uses a certified optical particle counter to monitor in real-time the variation and concentration of particulate for air quality studies in urban and transport settings. Both number and mass concentrations for discrete size fractions PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 are recorded every 10 seconds. At 112g, its weight is similar to a small mobile Smartphone.

To further improve the quality of the data, the instrument incorporates a built-in gravimetric sampler that samples dust and aerosol in parallel with the real-time PM light-scattering monitoring. Aerosol is collected onto a HEPA filter (99.5% at 0.1-0.2µm) at a constant dynamically-controlled flowrate of 2 litres/minute for a period of up to 8 hours.

Key features of CPAS and CPAM

Real-time aerosol measurement option (CPAM) capabilities

Use of CPAS and CPAM

Use in Workplace Aerosol Monitoring

The CPAS and CPAM instruments provide a convenient, unobtrusive and light-weight alternative to the traditional IOM sampler for the personal sampling of Inhalable dust. Inhalable dust is measured using personal samplers across the following industries to ensure employees and contractors are exposed to less than Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs)

Air Quality Personal Monitoring

CPAM is a high-end instrument focused on providing data quality that can be used to extrapolate air quality between certified fixed-location air quality stations. The CPAM provides all of the capabilities of the CPAS monitor but in addition incorporates an MCERTS approved optical aerosol concentration monitor to provide both a temporal record of aerosol concentration over the entire monitoring period and real-time alerts to the user of concentration exceedances.


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