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Aim to provide commercial partnerships for UK Universities, Research teams and newly formed technology companies to commercialise novel 
measurement technology for process control applications.

Our goal is to develop and invest in technology, which has the potential to be the basis of market leading niche instrumentation, in growth industrial applications in the food, chemical, metals or minerals industries worldwide.

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Added value and experience in IP exploitation

Arosa Instruments is owned and run by William Averdieck.

William was Founder and CEO of PCME Limited – a company designing, manufacturing and selling environmental particulate monitoring instrumentation to industrial users worldwide, winning 3 Queens’ awards for Innovation and International Trade and over 25 years becoming a market leader, employing 70 people. Having sold PCME to Environnement SA in 2014, William now helps owners of unique measurement  technology to exploit market potential.  Arosa can add value by helping develop commercial instruments, pioneer new applications and markets using proven skills and capability in product management, international business development and team leadership. 

William Averdieck CEng is a Sainsbury Management Fellow, read Engineering Science at Cambridge University and holds an MBA from INSEAD, France.

Our Partnership model

Arosa Instruments seeks licencing, strategic consultancy and/or investment partnership opportunities with owners of novel measurement technology. Arosa Instruments can add most value where technology now needs engineering for a particular application and the future challenge is market development rather than fundamental technology development. It is very likely that the technology will have IPR protection.

A Joint venture business may be considered with Arosa Instruments where other team members can also play a significant role in the senior executive responsible for developing world class products and building market success.


Multi Spectral Imaging for
Rancidity measurement

Arosa Instruments has worked with The Coconut Collaborative Ltd. who benefited from the research of STFC and LGC under the ‘Analysis for Innovators’ program funded by ‘Innovate UK’ to explore the use of spectroscopy in screening for the rancidity of Coconut milk in production.

Arosa Instruments Ltd. is now partnering with a MultiSpectral Imaging specialist to develop instrumentation customised for process applications and provide on-line measurements of rancidity of foods containing high oil levels (e.g. chocolate, milk, olive oils, margarine).

These instruments will allow food manufacturers and suppliers to reliably screen and control for rancidity. The instruments will provide the first automatic method for measuring rancidity and overcome delays in  current laboratory test methods (e.g. peroxide value which measure a substances propensity for oxidification rather than any rancidification that has already occurred) and overcomes problems unreliability and subjectivity of current detection methods. Automatic Rancidity measurement helps avoid food wastage and reprocessing costs and plays an important role in maintaining food freshness and quality.

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